Southeast Utah Railway Concept

National Rail Network Connectivity

A rail line between Moab, Utah, and Winslow, Arizona, with endpoints chosen as connections to the national rail system at each end. At the northern end of this line, the national rail system component is the Union Pacific Railroad’s (UP) Green River Subdivision, part of an east-west line that connects the Denver rail hub with the rail hub at Provo-Salt Lake City-Ogden hub. Lines radiating from Denver and Provo-Salt Lake City-Ogden are high-use, high-capacity lines that afford connectivity with the entire U.S. and North American rail system.

At the southern end, the national rail system component is BNSF Railway’s (BNSF) “Transcon,” its primary route between Los Angeles and the Midwest. The Transcon divides at points in the Midwest to reach the rail hubs in Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston. The Transcon is a high-capacity rail route operating up to 80 trains on a typical day. Potential traffic on this rail line would be mineral resources. Benefits to Grand County and San Juan County, Utah, if the corridor has a siding there.

  • Connect San Juan County to the National Rail Network
  • Increased Revenues to Local Governments and Economies
  • Increase Road Safety
  • Diversify Economy for Four Corners Region
Lead Counties
San Juan
Project Phases
Preliminary Evaluation