Uintah County

Countywide Planning Issues

The Uintah County population fluctuates with the oil industry.

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Land Issues

Uintah County land ownership is most representative of the other areas of the Coalition.

Uintah_land ownership 01

Federal PILT payments to the County have increased slightly in recent years.

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Economic Issues

The oil-based economies in the Coalition areas are the only ones where government wasn’t the most significant employer (before the recent downturn).

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Uintah residents receive slightly less age- and hardship-based income than the Coalition average.

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The poverty rate in Uintah is slightly less than other Coalition areas.

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Tourism makes-up a slightly lower percentage of the Uintah economy than the average for all other Coalition member counties.

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Agriculture and Mining

The Uintah economy is tied closely, though not exclusively to the land.

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Uintah has a slightly lower amount of farm jobs than the other counties.

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Mining employment is an anchor for the Uintah economy, and has remained strong until recent years.

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The Coalition can support Uintah by finding ways to efficiently move oil resources out of the Basin. Corridor projects should consider ways to also support new recreation opportunities.

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