San Juan County

Countywide Planning Issues

San Juan County population grew slower, and has greater Tribal representation, than the Coalition generally.

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Land Issues

San Juan has less private and more Tribal lands than other areas of the Coalition.

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Federal payments to the County have remained stagnant or declined in recent years.

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Economic Issues

Farming, mining, and tourism are the most dominant non-government jobs in the San Juan economy.

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Just over half of the income in San Juan comes from wages. This is less than the average for the rest of the Coalition.

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The poverty rate in San Juan is twice as high as other Coalition areas.

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Tourism makes-up a bigger percentage of the San Juan economy than the other Coalition member counties.

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San Juan River Rowing

Agriculture and Mining

The San Juan economy is tied closely to the land.

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San Juan has almost double the amount of farms than the other counties.

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Very few of these operations have formal employees.

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Mining in San Juan has struggled in recent years, but shows signs of growth.

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The Coalition can support San Juan residents by exploring projects that connect the area to larger markets.

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