Emery County

Countywide Planning Issues

The Emery County population has changed little in the last decade.

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Land Issues

Emery County has the least private lands than the other areas of the Coalition.

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Federal payments to the County have remained stagnant or declined in recent years.

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Economic Issues

Mining and utility employment data sources are inconsistent, but they constitute a significant foundation to the Emery County economy.

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Approximately one-third of the income in Emery comes from wages. This is less than the average for the rest of the Coalition.

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The poverty rate in Emery is less than other Coalition areas.

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Tourism makes-up a slightly larger percentage of the Emery economy than the average for other Coalition member counties.

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Agriculture and Mining

The Emery economy is tied closely to the land.

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Emery has almost double the amount of farms than the other counties.

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Mining employment in Emery has slowed in recent years.

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The Coalition can support Emery County with projects discussed for the Green River area (i.e. transfer, refining).

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