Duchesne County

Countywide Planning Issues

The Duchesne County population grew during the recent oil boom.

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Land Issues

On average, Duchesne County has more private and tribal lands than the other areas of the Coalition.

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Federal payments to the County have both increased (PILT) and declined (FS) in recent years.

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Economic Issues

The oil-based county economies are the only ones in the Coalition where government wasn’t the most significant employer (before the recent downturn).

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Duchesne residents receive slightly less age-based income than the Coalition average.

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The poverty rate in Duchesne is less than other Coalition areas.

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Tourism makes-up a slightly lower percentage of the Duchesne economy than the average for all other Coalition member counties.

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canoe on mirror lake

Agriculture and Mining

The Duchesne economy is tied closely to the land.

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Duchesne has a slightly greater amount of farm jobs than the other counties.

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Mining employment is an anchor for the Duchesne economy, and grew strongly until the recent downturn.

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The Coalition can support Duchesne by helping transport oil products out of the Basin. They might also explore joint projects with the Ute Tribe.

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