Dolores County, CO

Countywide Planning Issues

Dolores County is the seventh-least populous of the 64 Colorado counties. As of the 2010 census, the population was 2,064. The county seat is Dove Creek. (Wikipedia).


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Dolores County has seen little growth, even compared to slower growth counties nearby. This would be considered a “Zero-Growth” county.


Employment & Wages

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 Tourism & Recreation

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“Hunting upon public lands within and adjacent to Dolores County contributes significantly to the economy of Dolores County … and the recreation of the citizens of the County.”

-Dolores County Development and Land Use Regulations



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“The ability to make a living from the land holds a significant economic and historic importance to Dolores County.”

-Dolores County Development and Land Use Regulations

Federal Lands

Dolores County has a strong, collaborative relationship with federal land management agencies. They hold monthly coordinating meetings with participating agencies.


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