Daggett County

Countywide Planning Issues

Daggett County population declined significantly in recent years. Its Tribal representation is the lowest of the Coalition counties.

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Land Issues

The communities in Daggett are largely bounded by federal lands.

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Federal payments to the County have remained stagnant or declined in recent years.

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Economic Issues

Tourism is the most dominant non-government, non-healthcare industry in the Daggett economy.

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Hardship-related income is much less in Daggett than the rest of the Coalition counties.

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The poverty rate in Daggett is lower than the average for other Coalition areas.

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Tourism makes-up a bigger percentage of the Daggett economy than any other Coalition member county.

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Agriculture and Mining

Agriculture is important to Daggett, although it is changing.

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Mining employment is less significant in Daggett than in neighboring counties.

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Daggett County is facing a number of crossroads.

The Coalition can support the County by exploring ways to support the local community infrastructure (i.e. communications). They also need to prioritize infrastructure projects that don’t negatively impact recreation activities.

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