Carbon County

Countywide Planning Issues

Carbon County’s population grew slowly in recent years. Its Tribal representation is the lowest of the Coalition counties.

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Land Issues

Carbon County has a greater proportion of private lands than other areas in the Coalition.

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PILT payments to the County have remained stagnant in recent years.

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Economic Issues

Mining activities are clearly the economic anchor in Carbon County.

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Carbon County has a greater proportion of age-related payments (i.e. retirees) in its economy.

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The poverty rate in Carbon County is representative of the Coalition.

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Tourism in Carbon County is also similar to the average for all counties in the Coalition.

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Agriculture and Mining

Though mining is an important industry to Carbon, the County has a more diverse economy.

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Mining employment in Carbon fluctuates more with its oil plays than the coal.

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The Coalition can support Carbon County with projects that create new ways to improve the connection to the Basin and other interstate transportation corridors.

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