Swinging Bridge Rehabilitation

Priority Project of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition

Project Location

The Swinging Bridge is located just East of the Utah / Colorado border in Daggett County near the Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge crossing the Green River. The bridge provides a seasonal connecting corridor between the Diamond mountain gas field and the Clay Basin gas field for servicing providers.

SCIC Corridors_swingingbridge 01

Project Need

According to Roy Tipton with Moffat County Colorado, the bridge is used by workers in Vernal Utah accessing the gas fields.  The bridge is in disrepair and is deficient for the amount and type of traffic on it.  An oversized vehicle recently broke through the bridge partially and retrieving it caused significant safety and bridge stability concerns. Moffat County has plans to repair the bridge in 2017. 

Project Ranking


Project Benefits

This project would be a benefit to Daggett county and Uintah County to a very minor degree. The project would also benefit Moffat County Colorado which is not part of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition.  There is a potential for a joint effort on this project with Colorado. The actual potential benefits to the Coalition are unknown and would need to be evaluated in more detail to determine the cost savings when compared with the circuitous routes between the gas fields. 


The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition is a public implementation and ownership entity that allows its members to build essential regional infrastructure elements that span across county lines. The Coalition’s main roles are to identify revenue-producing infrastructure assets that will benefit the region. Its mission is to plan infrastructure corridors, procure funding, permit, design, secure rights-of-way and own such facilities.