Book Cliffs Water Supply Line

Priority Project of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition

Project Location

The Tar Sands Pipeline is located within the existing Seep Ridge Road and would be used to supply the required raw water for the tar sands mining operations.

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Project Need

It is anticipated that the tar sands future mining operations will require up to 50,000 acre-ft. of water per year with a current anticipated demand of approximately 10,000 acre-ft. The water pipeline would also provide additional water capacity and supply for the approximate 109,000 gallons per day needed for future oil and gas and federal oil shale/tar sands operators along the corridor..

Project Ranking

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Project Benefits

As demand increases the corridor will also be used for power transmission facilities and other infrastructure necessary for efficient energy resources development.

This investment will also provide water access at several points along the corridor to be used for other energy development purposes.


The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition is a public implementation and ownership entity that allows its members to build essential regional infrastructure elements that span across county lines. The Coalition’s main roles are to identify revenue-producing infrastructure assets that will benefit the region. Its mission is to plan infrastructure corridors, procure funding, permit, design, secure rights-of-way and own such facilities.