Uinta Basin Railway

Priority Project of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition

Project Location

This project would consist of a standard-gauge freight-only railway into the Uinta Basin that would connect the Basin to the national railway network and afford free movement of railway trains from the national network into and out of the Basin, and potential freight traffic on the railway.

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Project Need

Freight traffic that uses the UBRY would consist of existing traffic that is carried by truck between origin and destination points in the Uinta Basin and truck-rail transloads outside the basin. It would also attract traffic that is induced through a general lowering of transportation costs that is likely to occur with the construction of the UBRY.  The traffic scenario used to develop the commercial analysis was the export of crude oil from conventional sources, the import of energy development and recovery materials and the export of gilsonite.

Project Ranking


Project Benefits

Provides a competitive means of transporting commodities and other goods out of the Basin by limiting the time and truck traffic on roads and shipping using the national rail system. 


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