Carbon-Duchesne CO2 Pipeline

Priority Project of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition

Project Location

This pipeline corridor would connect the Farnham Dome reserve in Carbon and Emery Counties to Duchesne and Uintah Counties.

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Project Need

Provides low cost CO 2 pipeline transportation of existing reserves in Carbon and Emery Counties for secondary recovery and hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells.

Project Ranking

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Project Benefits

Reduces regional water use for industrial applications and can connect with proposed CO2 sequestering projects in Utah and Nevada.

Promotes regional economic development in Duchesne and Uintah Counties through better access to low cost commodities while opening market share for Carbon and Emery Counties with future long-term expansion upside to all counties involved including chemical manufacturing.

The pipeline could also be used in secondary recovery and hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells.

Pipeline would parallel previously proposed Carbon to Duchesne Oil Pipeline and could interconnect with proposed 8-inch pipeline to the San Juan Basin and 8-inch Green River Basin and Permian Basin.


The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition is a public implementation and ownership entity that allows its members to build essential regional infrastructure elements that span across county lines. The Coalition’s main roles are to identify revenue-producing infrastructure assets that will benefit the region. Its mission is to plan infrastructure corridors, procure funding, permit, design, secure rights-of-way and own such facilities.